What our Distributors say

Claire & Peter Rea

Claire & I started our Kleeneze business at the end of March 2000 as a result of myself being made redundant some 4 months earlier. Desperate to make some immediate income we earned £400 in our first 4 weeks which was an absolute lifesaver.Now in 2006 our life looks so very different. We now own our own house and we drive our dream cars. Claire has a convertible Mini Cooper and Kleeneze presented us both with a new 3 Series BMW - a reward for our commitment and hard work over the last 5 and a half years. Kleeneze have taken us all over the world - Malaysia, South Africa, Sydney, Rio and more!We have an amazing team who produce orders of £250,000 every 4 weeks. What a business, what a company and what a team we have. How our life has changed.

Conor Treanor & Linda Jameson

My brother introduced me to this opportunity just three months after he started.I had been running my own chip shops for the previous six years and Linda was working as a canteen supervisor but we had been looking for a change.Within six months we were earning £800 per month part-time and had qualified for a free trip to Prague. Since then we have qualified for free trips to Athens, Rio de Janeiro and Budapest.Our goal for next year is to qualify for another trip to Mauritius and build a huge business by helping as many people in our team as possible to achieve their goals.It sure beats fish and chips!

John & Karina Beasley

We initially started Kleeneze for an extra £100 a week to help pay off credit cards and to allow ourselves the small luxuries like eating out and new clothes.Kleeneze was ideal because it was flexible and could easily fit around our full-time jobs and into our lives.We still retail ourselves, and we have shared the opportunity with many other people which has meant in the three years we have been doing Kleeneze we have qualified for company conferences to Barcelona, Athens, Sydney and Rio de Janeiro, and been able to sack the boss and work full-time growing our Kleeneze business.

Jay Singh

Having studied for many years to qualify as a Chartered Accountant, I know what it`s like to work hard for a good income. When I joined Kleeneze and saw the incomes and lifestyles being enjoyed by some of the people who have now become good friends, I realised that at least with Kleeneze you can work hard for a while then enjoy an ever increasing income which isn`t available in a regular 9 to 5 job.With an annual turnover of over £1 million and an income of over £2,600 (every 4 weeks), life is absolutely amazing! I have already enjoyed fabulous five star luxury trips to Madeira, a Caribbean cruse, Rio de Janeiro in Brazil and now things are on track for Mauritius 2007. What's even more remarkable is I do the whole business on foot as I don`t drive - so if I can do it, so can you