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Working from home vs traditional job

Being employed is easy and straight forward with your employer looking after tax and any legal worries.The fact that your employer does all this is a definite advantage.The downside to being employed is that most employers tend to cap your earning potential with a yearly salary, so you get a fixed rate no matter how hard you work,which can be annoying and somewhat depressing.

Working from home on the other-hand takes the benefits of both employment and self-employment and adds a few extra benefits. You get the potential of earning as little or as much as you like, not having capped wages, means you can earn a salary allows you to live and work comfortably.

There are many other advantages to working from home, You can earn an unlimited income because the harder you work the more you earn, working from home allows you to fit your family commitments around your work not the other way around and don't forget the long commute to work every day (the average Irish worker spends 6.3 hours every week getting to and from work) that's 6 hours every week you don't get paid for. 

The biggest advantage by far is the fact that you are your own boss and you can make money from day one.